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Our strategic mission is to deliver targeted solutions for current and ex-serving military personnel. In so doing, we will establish a sustainable platform to help recruit and sustain a future workforce with adaptable skill sets.

We work with serving and ex-serving members of the ADF across all services. This has given us an understanding and appreciation of the intricacies of Defence culture and operating environments.

Command imperatives can change quickly. We help your workforce be adaptable and resilient so you can maintain operational capability.

Initial diagnosis of mental health conditions by a Consultant Psychiatrist within 4 weeks of referral

Completing liability claim (ILC) Department of Veteran’s Affairs (DVA) paperwork, including all data collection and report production, within 4 weeks of the initial ILC request

Completing permanent impairment (PI) reports for DVA within 4 weeks of PI paperwork receipt

Completing retrospective medical discharge opinions within 10 weeks of referral

Our Team Has A Detailed Understanding Of DVA’s Requirements And Protocols.

We can create easy-to-digest reports for the DVA delegate to aid quick decision-making.

All reports are completely independent and based on detailed, structured interviews and psychometrics with the Veteran or Member.

Detailed understanding

We Conduct Most Consultations Through Telehealth Or In-Person At Our Canberra Clinic.

Z3 Referral Process
  1. For Initial Assessment or Retrospective Medical Discharge opinions requests, send a detailed GP referral to Psychiatrist, Zed Three Specialist Centre, c/o
  2. To have Zed3 assist with ILC/PI paperwork, note Zed Three Specialist Centre as the treating psychiatrist, as this allows us to receive your ILC/PI paperwork from your DVA delegate. In addition, our Psychiatrist’s clinical recommendations can be forwarded to your treating GP.​

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